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Nordic Influenced Spa Treatments to Restore, Renew and Relax

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Elevated Holistic Wellness, Health and Beauty Treatments at the Maria Spa

Holistic, rejuvenating and restorative, the treatments at The Maria Spa are created to guide you to an elevated state of health and wellness surrounded in the luxury and tranquility of our world-class spa and facilities. Our treatments are also available in-room for hotel guests. 

Facial Treatments

The Maria Spa signature facials are designed with rejuvenation in mind. Whether you are looking to revitalise tired, dull skin after a long flight or seek a more active solution to aging or brightness, our facial treatments feature high-performing, luxury products and are completely personalised to ensure you leave blooming with radiance and confidence.

Body Treatments

Often overlooked, our skin is our largest organ and, in many ways, reflects our overall state of health and wellbeing. The Maria Spa uses globally inspired techniques to re-energise and balance your skin with a full body, holistic approach.


Thoughtfully planned face and body rituals inspired by Nordic spa traditions nourish and support your overall wellbeing. Our Signature spa massages are choreographed to move stress out of the body and release tension while calming the nervous system and energising your mind. These treatments are complemented by sauna and steam room rituals to remove toxins and flush the lymphatic system.


Our innovative wellness treatments integrate science and technology to bring effective and transformative results, restoring natural beauty and unlocking inner vitality. Where science meets wellness.

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Wellness Concierge at Your Service

While The Hotel Maria is an oasis of delight for you to indulge in decadence and pleasure, our Wellness Concierge is available to support your health and wellbeing ensuring your stay at The Hotel Maria is re-energising and rejuvenating.

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