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The Hotel Maria invites you to discover the “Best of Finland” with our carefully selected collection of Partner hotels and resorts, each offering an unforgettable experience showcasing the natural beauty, rich heritage and unique culture of this remarkable country. 

Hotel Iso-Syöte

Located at the southern border of Lapland, the arctic boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte stands grandly on a hilltop in one of the snowiest areas of Finland. Nestled close to the peaceful Syöte National Park, stay in well-appointed, luxury design rooms, suites and authentic Finnish log cabins while you experience the pure, raw beauty of the surrounding nature.


Undeniably a “bucket list” experience, the glass-roofed Levin Iglut hotel in popular Levi, Lapland, gives guests a magnificent, once in a lifetime stay. Only a 1.5hr flight from Helsinki, view the magical Northern Lights from a luxury, private, glass igloo while surrounded by the untamed wilderness and tranquility of Lapland. Expect heartfelt, personalised service from their dedicated team.

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