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Reservation Policy

The general reservation and cancellation terms and conditions of The Hotel Maria (SC Hotels Operations Oy)

These terms and conditions apply to individual bookings that have been made through the website, by telephone or by email directly to the hotel. Group bookings of at least six (6) rooms or for a group of at least six (6) people are subject to different conditions and should be made by contacting directly. These terms and conditions do not apply to bookings made through a third party, such as a travel agency, or situations where a separate agreement has been made with the customer. The products sold through the online store are managed by SC Hotels Operations Oy (Business ID 3291502-9), which reserves the right to make changes. The prices of the products include value-added tax.

1. Booking and Confirmation Terms

When making a reservation, customer must provide the guest’s name, address, email address, phone number, arrival and departure times, and payment method. The hotel reserves the right to set various rules for the booking, such as reservation fees and credit card guarantees.

All reservations require a credit card guarantee, after which the reservation is binding. To confirm the reservation, the hotel requires credit card information, including the card number, expiration date, CVV number and cardholder’s name. For online reservations, this information is provided at the time of booking. For reservations made by email or phone, credit card information is provided through a secure deposit link sent by email.
Billing customers can guarantee a reservation either by credit card or by the company name. Billing agreements are always made between the company and the hotel. As an alternative guarantee method, the hotel may require a full advance payment. The payment schedule for the advance payment is agreed beforehand in writing. The Hotel Maria has the right to verify the credit card limit for the agreed amount.

2. Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy depends on the terms of the selected rate at the time of booking. Please carefully read the terms and cancellation policy when making your booking.

The prepay rate is non-flexible and non-refundable rate that will be charged in full at the time of your booking. Bookings made with this rate cannot be cancelled or modified. Prepayment made upon booking will not be refunded. Non-flexible rates are only bookable online.

Other prices are flexible rates. If the reservation is made with a flexible rate, cancellations and any changes must be made no later than the day before arrival at 6:00 PM local time at the hotel. The hotel reserves the right to charge the customer one night’s taxable price and any additional services related to the reservation if the customer does not cancel the booking or does not show up. We reserve the right to changes if the booking needs to be moved or changed.

If the customer or their close relative encounters a sudden illness, accident, or death, the customer has the right to a refund. Cancellation must be made before the start of the accommodation. Additionally, The Hotel Maria must be provided with a medical certificate or other evidence verifying the cancellation reason within 14 days of the withdrawal. A late-provided certificate, cancellation during the stay, or interruption of the vacation does not entitle the customer to cancel the reservation, make changes or receive compensation. We recommend that the customer has a valid travel insurance.

3. Payment

The payment method must be agreed upon at the time of booking. Accepted payment methods are cash in euros, the most common bank and credit cards, and gift cards. The hotel is not obliged to accept foreign currency, checks, coupons, or payment cards.

If the customer has chosen credit card as payment method, the hotel reserves the full value of the stay and additional services from the credit card at check-in. The authorization of additional services also applies to other payment methods, and the amount is 150 euros per night. The hotel has the right to charge the customer’s credit card presented at check-in for any additional costs afterwards. Charges may include unreported purchases and/or damages incurred.

4. Check-in and Check-out

The hotel room is available to the customer from 4:00 p.m. on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 12:00 p.m. on the day of departure. The hotel has the right to agree on exceptions to the mentioned check-in and check-out times. If the room booked by the customer is not available for any reason, the hotel will arrange the nearest achievable equivalent room as soon as possible.

If the customer checks out of the hotel before the confirmed departure date, the hotel must receive a notice about this by 4:00 p.m. on the previous day. If the booking is made for several days and the cancellation period has expired, the customer must pay the confirmed price for the unused period.

5. Code of conduct

Hotel Etiquette

Customer is expected to behave in accordance with good manners and to comply with the rules of conduct in all hotel premises. If a guest violates the code of conduct or behaves inappropriately, the customer may be immediately removed from the hotel. In the event of such a situation, however, the guest must still pay the full price of the accommodation and any additional services.

In principle, hotel rooms are only available for staff and persons staying in the hotel, although other guests are welcomed to common areas of the hotel. Room occupancy capacity must not be exceeded.

Responsibility for damages by the guest

The guest is responsible and liable for all damages caused intentionally or unintentionally, whether by the guest, his or her visitors or pets. This applies to the hotel room, hotel furniture and equipment, as well as other guests staying at the hotel and their property.

Accommodation of minors

The guest must be at least 18 years old when making a room reservation. The person who has booked the room is responsible for the minor staying in the room. The same applies in situations where a minor is staying in the room alone. A minor staying alone must have a written consent signed by a guardian stating the minor’s name, date of birth, and the date of stay. In addition, the consent must show the guardian’s name and contact information.


Pets are welcome at The Hotel Maria. Pets stay in our hotel for 100 euros per night. Because we have a limited number of pet-friendly rooms, accommodation must always be notified at the time of booking. The persons staying in the room are responsible for the care and well-being of the pet as well as any damage and costs it may cause. Our staff is happy to provide guidance on pet-friendly areas in our hotel and outdoor activities in the hotel’s surroundings.


Smoking is prohibited in all hotel premises, including e-cigarettes. Smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas in the hotel’s outdoor areas. The hotel has the right to charge a fee of 200 euros for non-compliance with the ban.

Responsibility for guest property

The safe in the hotel room is available to the guest for storing valuables. The room safe can accommodate items such as laptop computer. On request the hotel may also take valuables for safekeeping, in which case the hotel has the right to charge a separate fee. If the property left for safekeeping is exceptionally valuable, the hotel must be notified in advance. The hotel has the right to refuse responsibility for the storage of the guest’s property.

The hotel is not responsible for vehicles and their contents parked in the hotel’s parking area. The Hotel Maria thus reserves the right to any damage or disapperance to the said property.

6. Force Majeure

The Hotel Maria has the right to cancel a reservation due to a compelling reason, such as a Force Majeure event. The hotel cannot provide the promised services in circumstances such as strikes, fire, water damage, natural disasters, war or other factors that may hinder the hotel’s operations. In these situations, any advance payment made by the customer will be refunded.

In addition, the hotel has the right to cancel the customer’s reservation for other external reasons beyond the hotel’s control, such as abnormal market conditions, sales prohibitions, or other restrictions. In these situations, normal cancellation policy will apply, and any advance payment made by the customer will not be refunded.

Updated on 14 April 2023

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