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The Dream

To stay at The Hotel Maria is to dream with your eyes open.

As you enter through the grand, heritage doors of The Hotel Maria, into the lobby corridor warmly lit with mesmerising crystal chandeliers and walls adorned with significant artwork, you will ascend the staircase and cross the threshold into the story of The Hotel Maria. A sense of history and refinement is met with elegant, contemporary design and classical elements. The Hotel Maria heralds a new era in luxury Nordic hospitality.

The Hotel Maria is developed and presented by Samla Capital and is led by Mr Samppa Lajunen. Mr Lajunen is widely known for his accomplishments, not only as a businessman, but also as a three-time Olympic gold medallist representing Finland for many years in the Nordic combined, i.e., cross-country skiing and ski jumping.

Driven by his unwavering commitment to achieving excellence, Mr Lajunen recognised the potential to establish a new standard and create the best luxury hotel experience in the Nordics. In pursuit of this vision, it became apparent that the name “Maria” would play an important role in the hotel story and identity.

Located on Mariankatu within four architecturally and historically prominent buildings, the inspiration for the name was not only intertwined in where the hotel is positioned, but it also came from a notable female figure in Nordic history that would influence the hotel’s impeccable service standards and distinctive design.

This is the name of Grand Duchess Maria Feodorovna, a royal of Nordic descent, born as Princess Dagmar of Denmark.

Known amongst her fellow royals for her grace, captivating beauty and intelligence, Grand Duchess Maria spent her life surrounded by various cultures. She was a true cosmopolitan of her day and her connections across Europe unified people beyond national borders.

As one of the most popular royal figures of her time, she often retreated to Finland which became her sanctuary to escape the pressures of royal life during the most challenging times.

For decades now, many people from wanderers to world leaders have followed in her footsteps and arrived in Finland to seek peace. The Hotel Maria is a destination of tranquillity and sanctuary for all who pass through our doors. A chance to relish in the pure and natural beauty of Finland. To soothe the soul and emerge restored and renewed.

Her kindness and ability to have a sincere impact on all whom she met, never forgetting a face or a name, is the inspiration behind our desire for outstanding and personalised service throughout The Hotel Maria. This grace and dedication are part of The Hotel Maria DNA and we consider this in all that we do.

Through unmatched service, sophisticated design and an unwavering focus on an elevated guest experience, The Hotel Maria is a dream realised.


The Hotel Maria stands proudly in the heart of historical Helsinki on Mariankatu in the residential area of Kruununhaka, lovingly referred to by locals as “Krunikka” and known to be a prestigious and affluent area of the city.

Helsinki is one of Europe’s most walkable cities and as you take a leisurely stroll the historic streets of Kruununhaka you will be met with the soft sea breeze from the Gulf of Finland. Within walking distance to many of the city’s landmark attractions, such as the iconic Helsinki Cathedral and the Market Square, The Hotel Maria is an ideally located inner-city oasis.


You will find the lily of the valley present throughout the hotel, in the floral arrangements and brand design. It has a strong significance to the people of Finland as it is the national flower.

The lily of the valley symbolizes purity, sincerity and happiness and embodies the delightful experience we wish for all our guests.

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