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Responsible practices

At The Hotel Maria, sustainability measures are an inherent aspect of our operational framework, and sustainable development encompasses our entire business operations. We are committed to the continuous improvement of our practices, thereby promoting sustainable tourism. 

Green Key certificate

In recognition of our sustainability efforts, The Hotel Maria has been awarded the Green Key certificate. Green Key is the world’s leading sustainability program and certification in the tourism industry, with criteria based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. There are already over 5000 Green Key-certified locations in 60 different countries. As a Green Key-certified company, we are committed to continuously improving our sustainability practices and reporting on it annually in connection with the subsequent application process. Compliance with the criteria is verified through regular on-site audits. The certificate is awarded by an external, independent Green Key jury.

Historical architechture

The Hotel Maria is located within four historically prominent buildings protected by the Finnish Heritage Agency, where hotel operations have given the structures a new life. The extensive renovation of the buildings represents a cultural achievement, meticulously preserving and restoring original details such as old wooden doors, windows and ornate plasterwork, executed with professionalism and craftsmanship and supervised by the Finnish Heritage agency.

Local and nordic

The Hotel Maria utilizes local suppliers whenever possible. Our restaurants feature seasonal, organic and high-quality products sourced directly from local producers. Restaurant Lilja’s wild fish comes from local fishermen, reindeer meat is sourced from a farm in Sodankylä, and ginger sourced from Tampere, to name a few examples. A collaboration with Green City Farm enables us to offer freshly harvested ecologically grown vegetables and herbs straight from the field to the table during the harvest season. Green City Farm is an ecological garden located within the Perho Business College Malmi campus. Our wines come from European producers practicing sustainable and ethical winemaking. 

saving natural resources

Sustainability has been a consideration at The Hotel Maria from the very beginning. During the renovation project, solutions to minimize energy and water consumption were incorporated. State-of-the-art technology is employed for heating control and food waste monitoring. We diligently sort and recycle waste, and proactive measures consider packaging materials during procurement. All our choices prioritize longevity, durability and quality.


At The Hotel Maria, we prioritize the wellbeing of our employees. Our hotel is a safe, equal and culturally diverse workplace where our professionals take pride in their work. Together with our partners, we contribute to social and economic wellbeing in our community.

Your choice

By choosing The Hotel Maria, you are making a responsible decision. We support our guests to take part in our responsible practices, and our professionals are happy to answer any questions. Thank you for choosing The Hotel Maria – where luxury meets responsibility.

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